gender roles are good 
 this is a few years ago . dont come here in april it isnt green


There is a deer in this photo that I took this morning, when I was 6 or 7 hours early to school without meaning to, I cant look at schedules, its not new but youd think if elvanse gives me a red face it should at least have me remember something that has looked the same every monday since August :) but nah
In other news scrambled eggs are better when you dont add any water. Should Not have taken me this long 

i have a bunch of actually nice photos in this thing but im always choosing the shitty iphone ones

Photos from 2013, that are here because that is how long I have had a blog and not used it, or used it for a week or two and then deleted everything but the pictures
I am reading the animal zoo and I just realized every time he mentions a location, thats when I stop reading and just look at the next word then the next then the ne
I am on I was going to say 20 mg but I just looked at the thing and its 50 - 50 mg elvanse. Today being the first day. I slept through a few hours of it. Rewrote a thing I had to rewrite. Havent eaten and I should do that because its 23:14. You would say 11,14 but if you are a little bit confused everything makes a little bit more sense so, you know, it is 23:14
shothrdsddddddecdx I feel like I am lying writing capital letters like thats a thing I do
tell someone blonde you love them!!!!!
Goodbye <<<<<<3

I dont have anything to say today, but Roger Waters does


not 2015

i am listening to arctic monkeys. i am 14


I found this screenshot in this blogs archive. It reminds me of just how bad i am at blogging and Just how long i have tried not to be. There are worse things to be this bad at. I promise
I am realizing that every time I Dont have a headache, I feel lucky. I need to adjust my contacts, or its the brain tumor but come on, let me find the love of my love first, let him find me, let him try way too hard for way too long 
Me and a boy talked about american politicans being charming, lol, well, some of them, but even rubio and his nervous weird gestures have more charm than any of our people have. I dont know what that is about. It makes sense though. The best people dont become politicans. We could benefit from a few of them not being completely retarded though. All good people really did go to America and just left us here with politicans that say things like "You cant ask us to do things you wouldnt do" and "We need to open our hearts!" I think I just for a few seconds lost my headache then wrote that and got it back. N1ce
watch me try again in a day or two or th

Hello. etc

This photo isnt mine. i know better than to wear this much yellow 
I am sticking to this blog. im sticking to Not blogging on this one. its alright. blogging is terrible terrible people blog 
the Z on my computer fell off (thats not how it happened but lets pretend) and since I am useless I cant get it to get back in place. 
I love blogging. I also love being up at 2 in the morning, even though I got 1 hour of sleep yesterday and have school tomorrow ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D;D

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